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Financial Tips

When faced with handling the financial affairs of another, CSI supports the common sense recommendations cited by most elder law experts. In short, basic financial protocols commonly used in business are very effective. See below for guidelines:

  • Have a written "job description" for the person handling the finances and/or the attorney-in-fact (the person who has Power of Attorney)

  • Have a "transition plan" for that role, should the person performing that function become unable to continue

  • Spell out exactly what is expected from this person and the expected timeframe in which jobs are expected to be completed

  • Establish regular financial accounting and reporting deadlines

  • Require more than one signature on checks for purchases over a set dollar amount

  • Establish special requirements for major transactions – such as transferring real estate or taking out a second mortgage

Q: Does CSI make investments or do taxes?
A: No. CSI is not a replacement for these professionals. In the clients’ best interest, CSI works with their attorneys, CPAs and investment advisors while staying in its own specialized area of expertise – financial oversight.

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Based on my personal experience in which my firm has worked in tandem with CSI, I recommend CSI, without reservation, to those in need of trustee, guardianship or conservatorship services
- Scott A. Makuakane, Attorney, Est8Planning Counsel LLLC
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